Appointment to lead MA in Ecology and Contemporary Performance

Added on by Kira O'Reilly.

Today the University of the Arts Helsinki made the announcment that I am to lead the new pilot MA in Ecology and Contermporary Performance (MEACP). I am delighted to accept the position and to contribute towards realising the vision of the programme along with colleagues, collaborators and most importantly the programmes students.

'MAECP attempts to respond to the questions and needs raised by the current ecological situation that implicates all species, as well as the current shifts taking place in the field of performing arts, from the perspective of relations and dependencies. MAECP investigates and develops the methodologies, practices and theoretical bases of contemporary performance while developing new forms of collaboration, interaction and knowledge production in between the art, the research and the sciences and within a posthumanist framework. It encourages the students to review and reformulate existing practices, to experiment with and invent new forms of performance making and to maintain openness not only towards various forms of art but also towards different fields and discourses.'

Further information about the programme can be found here