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Reciprocal Sensing (Insensible Sensibilities) Field_Notes report

Added on by Kira O'Reilly.

As part of our final activities, the many headed monster that was our group (taking our modus operandi from our non-human collaborators, the slime molds introduced by Heather Barnett), co-composed a writing for the Field_Notes field report, which you can read here. In our texts we continued working with multiple voices and forces in a effort to convey the myriad modes of engagement of our groups collective constituents.

Hosted by me the groups members were: Heather Barnett, Martin Malthe Borch, Antye Greie, Lumi Greie-Ripatti, Mari Keski-Korsu, Avner Peled, Antti Tenetz.

Also with in the text is a short video of our ‘herding’ practice edited by group member Mari Keski Korsu from footage shot by Teemu Lehmusruusu which I include here.