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Notes on a photograph

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In the airy galleries of the Foundation Beyeler in Basel a roomy white sofa sits in front of a large canvas of one of Monet's water lily scenes. The painting is found within a large expanse of oils that appear and lead you into the living time and space of both its execution and the actuality of the event of Monet's perception of the lily pond. Its materiality a movement of light, ones own apparatus of sight and his intra-action within the field of vision, as in visionary, sambhogakaya or long ku - energy, light and sound.

Speaking with Ravens is a serious of paintings made by Ngak'chang Rinpoche when a student at Bristol Art College. The surrealist figuration of woman and bird appear to dissolve and emerge within the deeply layered and textured ground. The paintings themselves were long lost, but colour transparencies later found. The slides damaged by the decay of time, were subsequently reworked by Ngak'chang Rinpoche using his skills in Photoshop, and newly realised as digital paintings, the beauty of their decay worked into the depths of the paintings.

The toweling playsuit was pale candy stripped and zipped. I was holding a hose in the yard, the area at the back of the house where there stood a long low turf shed, a collapsing greenhouse full of wonder and a stables floored with cobbled stables. Often the two donkeys would be brought down from the hill filed or up from the slope. Riding and grooming them was a favourite pleasure of those summers. Alanna, the grey one, Ashling, her daughter the brown one. Who, as a young spindly donkey charged with great daring the drying sheets hung out on the washing lines, she was like a daft, fluffy bull. Herself and Alanna had a great ploy to rid us off their backs, making a short charge, then a sudden stop, putting the head down we'd move inevitably forwards with the force of it sliding down the furry necks and over the long ears to the ground. Undignified and fun. With a briefing from Thelwell's potty equine illustrations.The light felt saddles weren't much good, and the light bridles pretty lame.

The was a bright red toy trailer that could be pulled, often with a small brother or a pink teddy bear in it. There were not alot of toys, but I don't recollect any lack. There was so much to do, discover and potter with. Dark, dank outhouses full of cobwebs and old, rusty treasures, snails and spiders, beetles and birds, cats and crows, dogs, donkeys, horses, blue tits, great tits, robins, black birds and owls, table tennis and old, black bicycles.

Liz was utterly glamorous, gorgeous and comely in her Kensington up to the minute fashion. A tan suede skirt with a tassel stopped well before the knees, clinging turtle necks, pendant jewelry, large bouffant waves, holding an infant, Shane.

Ballybunion : with memories and feet

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Out of nothing and nowwhere, 'it is epic' she said, as if there were no beginning and no end to the words, to her and what she apprehended.

They picked through the rocks with memory and feet, nothing had changed except memories and feet

LIke threads weaving and shuttling they were, those silvery eddies skimming the glassy cloud strewn sand into delicate geometries