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Citing Shannon Bell's Discourse of the Post-Hysteric (Tattoo)

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Last night I spent quite a bit of time alone in Sigmund Freud's former study in London's Freud Museum contemplating an exhibition that has been developing in my minds eye on the Post-Hysteric, informed in part by Shannon Bell's 'hacking the lack' in her refiguring Lacan's metheme structuring the hysteric. I imagined Bell's Discourse of the Post-Hysteric (Tattoo) video work occupying the critical place, above the iconic analytical couch where the informous print featuring Charcot, A Critical Lesson in Salpêtrière is located, originally by Pierre Aristide André Brouillet (1857-1914) and recreated as a lithograph by Eugène Pirodon (1824-1908) it sat in Freuds office in Vienna before coming with him to London. I easily see Shannon giving her paper as a performantive gesture in the house, perhaps upstairs in the lecture room or possibly in the warm, dark, peaceful space of the study itself.

Video still from Discourse of the Post Hysteric (Tattoo), (2015), Shannon Bell

Here is the entire video piece:

and here is a photograph of how the couch looks with A Critical Lesson in Salpêtrière in place

In the Freud Museum is is known as The Lesson of Doctor Charcot.

Bell, Shannon. "Fragment of a Case of Posthysteria: D'or Owns the Jewel." ESC: English Studies in Canada 40.1 (2014): 189-210.