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Collected by Dominic

Added on by Kira O'Reilly.

Scholar and writer Dominic Johnson has been collecting art for some years now, cultivating an extraordinary collection of small works by extraordainary artists including friends and colleagues he has written about such as Slava Mogutin. Franko B, Julia Bardsley, Genesis Breyer P-Orridge, Sheree Rose, Ron Athey and Fakir Musafar. It's a charming prospect having an artwork sit amongst a such personal cannon of artworks, narratives and linages of practices, and also to know and feel that a work gains another series of possibilities through it's situation and situatedness within the context of someones home and the circulation of objects and languages created by that environment. 

During the our last auction here at Tidemill Studios he had bought a new work Those Misty Girls series, a reworking of some older slides, overlaid, printed and stitched onto a linen table cloth. 

Last week he came by to my studio and we searched through my archive of prints and he acquired a small print of inthewrongplaceness, performed in 2009 as part of sk-interfaces at Casino Luxembourgand photographed by Alex Heiss.