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voodoo cell affects contact with it

Thursday, May 13th, 2010

HeLa art practice relation theories of fascinating results of

cervical deliberation bookmark Henrietta’s daughter deeply

voodoo cell affects contact with it – distance @ read @account generational facilitiates ancestoral spirit

vitalismknowledge Maya Deren

Divine Horsemen: The Living Gods of Haiti Gosh trash


HeLa zombie biocapitalist exploitation story curious lab spell practitioners seminar life situations zombie book  would cut shot gun collaborate ’40’s dresses Amsterdam  twist  demented Feelgood  celebs  ”miracle tissue regenerator”

placenta mutation wayward Dr

frenzy Fucking cells snarl knife-fighter daughter’s specifically voodoo knowledge

certainly surprise contact even mother’s author injured responded piss

off guess vitality intimating influence cousins cancer

human inflicted immortality  again, I’m only halfway ideas suggest used


well reasons hmmm curious virulence mayhem in labs species Helacyton gartleri reframed take sympathetic medicine familiar Victimless Scale  amazed prattlings above

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